Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Maybe if I listen real hard...

The other night I made a trip to the big O to see my best friend and go to a Casting Crowns concert with her. Here we are: And our great friend, Abby, also went with us. The three of us were best buds in high school and we still stay in touch- Rissa and Abby live together, so they stay in better touch.....but we try to see each other when we can. :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Keeping my MITTS warm

This afternoon I made oven mitts. Two t's? Anyway, I had some fantastic fabric, as you can see, and decided to make some mitts to keep my mitts from getting scalded in the oven. (You know how I love to bake)......the inside of each has the opposite fabric for the lining- you can see it on the cuff of each one. So, they go together, but they aren't the same. Love it.Anyway, they were lots of fun to make- really easy....and they're cute! If any of ya'll find fabric that you're just dying to turn into mitts, buy 1/2 yard of each fabric and turn it over to me!

Hope you're all having a great Friday! I'm off to make some coffee!!!

I have a Confession....

You know how I took Monday off from teaching? Well, I took Tuesday off, as well. The weather was so nice! And then, it was supposed to rain Wednesday and I wanted to sew a new denim bag before my trip to see Martha, so I took Wednesday off too. Thursday, Megan's parents were in town and I stayed home - we ended up doing yard work, fertilizing the yard, planting flowers, clearing out old leaves and sticks from beside the house before a big rainstorm last night.

And today is Friday. I'm laying here in bed- refreshing my SubFinder screen.....and most likely, I'm not going to teach today either. Now I'm starting to feel a little guilty. Monday through Wednesday was OK- but an entire week!? Come on, Heather! I've been able to keep myself productively busy- today I can make some resume copies, organize things for interviews, etc. But next week, I will work.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I am a girl with a lot on her plate

It's so nice out today that I'm wearing this: I used to HATE wearing shorts- because of the "mullen cankles"..... well, I'm over it. It's warm, hot, even. And I'm out here- music from inside, a blanket spread out on the deck, reading a book about children's literature....drinking berry white tea.......and basking in the sun. This is a very good day. :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

they're just running....all over the place.

Here's what I'm up to today: One of my greatest friends, Martha, asked for burp rags when I come to visit next week. She and her husband moved to Michigan last spring and had twin boys this last winter. I told her I'm in a sewing kick and asked if there was anything she wanted. Burp rags. Simple enough....

I'm also starting a new denim bag for myself....I'll post pictures as soon as there's something more to show you.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Headline News

Gnome Takes Death-Defying Leap
LINCOLN — In a sudden turn of events today, a porcelain gnome became the first of its kind to dive from upwards of 6 feet into a 4 inch deep pool of water. The gnome, whose name was not immediately released, suffered minor injuries and was rushed to a nearby hospital before local media sources arrived onsite. Witnesses describe hearing a sound similar to a door slamming, followed by a scream of onlookers as the gnome jumped off a nearby ledge.
Gnomes, also known as 'Gnoles' in some regions, are uncommon within the Lincoln city limits, but have seemingly been active in the community within the last two weeks.
The investigation is ongoing. Foul play is not suspected.
Many people believe the gnome, pictured above, was
fortunate to lose only part of his hat and foot which are seen
floating in the pool behind him.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Lookey what I made.....

I took the day off from teaching and have enjoyed myself immensely. It's cold out. Generally on my days off, I turn my kitchen into a whirlwind of flour- baking bread- mostly, but sometimes coffee cakes, muffins, cookies, etc. Today, however, I turned my attention to the sewing machine- once again. This time, I had all the parts I needed.....the power cord delivered yesterday and material washed, dried, ironed and ready.

This is my first project from my new sewing book. I thought that I would benefit from an apron, and I had some great material left over from a quilt I made for Nate.....and a few extra scraps from here and there. Here's the finished product. Note that you never see my face- there is a reason for this. I just jumped out of the shower before I took these and have my hair up in a towel (still).....and the rest of my head isn't done yet.
Well here- see for yourself. :)
Anyway, the apron turned out pretty good- there are things I will do differently next time. But it'll be fun to play with different materials and pockets.....I'll keep you updated.

Until next time......

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Need a laugh?

This is pretty cute.

My maker's holding me......so tight.

The rain is phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal.

It has been raining all day long. Raining HARD all day long. It hasn't let up at all since I've been here in the same 4th grade room as yesterday. I've opened all the windows to let the smell and sound in- and every shade is wide open. I see students across the courtyard gazing out open windows as well. I watch them and their sweet curiosity....pointing, waving at birds, pressing damp palms against window panes- attempting to reach out to touch fat drops cascading heavily from heaven. These are days that I love.

Grass outside my windows has started to cave under pools of cold water. A low down the middle has become a small lake- welcoming new drops and inviting streams to join. Everyone who passes by a window slows to watch. Small hands stretch out of open, screen-less windows- catching rainwater from gutters. Faint bursts of laughter echo through curtains of rain.

Rainy days are my favorite. They inspire me. They push me to write. They remind me to stop and listen.....breathe......and exhale. I find joy...so much joy in rainy days. I know not all of you feel this way. But maybe this will encourage you to slow down a bit- to find joy in the rain- to smell the damp earth and be reminded of our creator.

Additionally, and not so thought-provokingly, I recently found a pair of yellow wellies at Gap- clearanced 1/2 off- one pair left- MY size. I bought them and have been waiting for the perfect day to wear them. This may be the one.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We have much to be thankful for.

I was reading a story, "Lou Gehrig, The Luckiest Man", with a group of 4th graders today. Something he repeatedly said was, "We have much to be thankful for." He stated this in the midst of his bout with a disease that eventually wiped out his central nervous system and killed him.

This made me think. Surrounded by 4th graders, I was reminded of just how much we have to be thankful for. I sat this morning in a stuffy room- hot enough to need to open windows and turn fans on. I was thankful for the warmth.

I am thankful for a job today. I am thankful to be working more than I had ever imagined during this season in my life. I am thankful for tired feet at the end of the day and the comfort I feel when I finally crawl under a heavy cold down comforter in a dark bedroom- careful not to disturb my slumbering roommate, Megan. I am thankful for relationships at the coffee house- for customers who are true and come back time and time again; people who remember my name and ask me about teaching. I am thankful for coworkers and sideways hugs that we share. I am thankful for a work environment where I am free to talk about my faith and discuss the greatness of our God and the richness of his blessings; the fact that I don't have to worry about a job for the fall because He has something waiting for me.

I am thankful for friends who call just to check in- even when I cannot return the phone calls during normal waking hours. I am thankful for Meg, who is 2 hours earlier in California, so that I CAN call her when I get off work after closing the coffee shop late at night. :)

And I'm thankful for this old run-down school that I am teaching at today. For it holds a certain black smell that reminds me of my dad's 3M factory job when I was a little girl- and the way his clothes would smell when I buried my face in them at the end of a day. Some things, some strange things, bring comfort in ways we never could have planned. I love that about life.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

This one's for you, Babe!!!

This post is in honor of my man and our anniversary today.These are the flowers he sent to me....they're GORGEOUS!

Some of the things I love about Nate:
(in no particular order)

* This man can COOK!
* He buys new products at the grocery store just to try them. Example: vanilla filled Hershey kisses, funny flavored chips, Mexican rice pudding, etc.
* He'll eat anything I put in front of him.....
* He's one of the most intentional people I've ever known.
* He cleans up dishes before we even start eating.
* He loves to be outside doing yard work.
* On more than one occasion, he's stood out on the deck in a suit before work- with a BB gun, trying to shoot rabbits in the yard.
* He puts things in the shopping cart secretly because he knows I'd like them.
* He pulls into the garage "just like a dad".
* He puts on music for me when I'm cooking because he knows how I feel about silence.
* He likes silence better than noise.
* He takes trips with the boys- just to get away.
* He knows we're polar opposites and is completely encouraged by the fact. (ENFP vs. ISTJ)
* His closet is more organized than mine.
* He takes some of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen.
* He encourages me to be my crazy self.....and loves it. :)

Happy anniversary, my man!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools

Here are a few pictures that I didn't get posted from Easter. Me and Nate
My big brother, James, with an "orange beer"- something I'd never tried before, but it was really pretty good. :)

For some reason, we didn't take very many photos this year- I don't have any of mom and dad or grandma and grandpa that are good shots. :( I do, however have these next few-

Easter at our house took a little twist as we were getting ready to head back to Lincoln. Grandma brought over a box of old clothes that mom was instructed to look through and take to Goodwill if she didn't want them. James and I got to them first. Here's the damage:The denim jumper that fit a little too nicely.
The sweatshirt from 1996 and the purple gingham skirt- James just knew his roommate, Chris, would want the sweatshirt, so we brought it back for him.
And he loves it.