Thursday, October 30, 2008


In honor of one of my great friends, Meg, I am posting our absolute favorite picture from the trip. Meg, happy birthday, babe!!!!

We'll be leaving the sandy beaches today to come home to cold Nebraska weather. You can expect more photos from the trip in the next couple of days. Hasta la vista!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

We're Here!!!!

We arrived yesterday to our honeymoon in Cancun!!!
Here's the swans that were waiting on our bed. Our room was complete with white robes, slippers, a welcome package of champagne and fruit, fresh flowers, etc.....this is luxury that we've never known on a vacation! It's wonderful!!!

This is the view from our room. It's beautiful and overlooks the pool area and the Carribian Sea.
Nate took a little swim.......

And we are LOVING our time here!

After an afternoon of swimming, relaxing in the sun, we showered and got ready for dinner. Right around that time, our first tropical storm rolled in. It was beautiful! Here we are in the "hallway"- which has no outside walls- on the way to dinner.
We've been spotting many friends like this one. They hide on the walls and scurry a little if you take pictures of them. :) I want to take one back for a classroom pet, but I'm not sure how he would like flying!

And this was my dinner last night- lobster and shallots in a butter creme sauce with steamed vegetables and sweet potatos. YUM!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sunny Beaches Up Ahead!!!

Friends, as the bitter winds push their way into the great land of the corn, I want you to know that my hubby and I are getting out. We're leaving. We're off to sunny places, sandy beaches, swarming sharks and hours in the sun. That's right, we're honeymooning!!!!! Can't. Wait.

Here are a few pictures from our weekend at the farm:

Me and Papa Eigsti

That's right. This is me and I'm DRIVING the combine. Picking real live corn. (!!!)
Me and my sweet hubby- :)
Mama Eigsti, wife, man. I love these people!
And this poor little fellow laid here twitching his right leg. He was being a bit dramatic, if you ask me. Not for long, however. Moments after this shot was taken, one of the farm kitties came and crunched him right up. Poor little guy.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

October's Kisses

I am in love with this moment: sitting with my husband in PJ's, October breezes gently pushing into our home, the Sunday newspaper and fantastic shopping ads strewn across his lap and spilling onto the living room floor, fresh coffee and blueberry muffins, and Justin King's guitar pulsing through my veins..... this. is. life.

I love our weekends together. I love fall. I love looking out and seeing the lawn littered with yellowing leaves. The sound of the branches rubbing their palms together....and the kick of water as the washing machine steps into its rinse cycle. These moments remind me what it is to slow down; how beautiful life is when spent with people you love doing things that make you incredibly happy. We are infinitely blessed.

I am in love.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Too stinkin' Cute

Many of you have heard of a small child in my room- the "Pint Size", I like to call him. He's from a middle-eastern country and has the cutest accent I've ever heard. Here's what happened today:

He likes to mess with things he isn't supposed to. He should have been sitting on the carpet like the rest of the students- but instead was standing next to our counter playing with my bell. It was a bit chaotic as everyone was just getting to and settling in for an afternoon story- a new book donated from a book-fair parent....

anyway, Pint Size was standing by the counter holding onto my silver bell that I tap with my hand for a nice "ding" when it's time for them to listen for instructions. Somehow he fumbled it out of his hands and it landed on the ground with a loud "ding"- at which point, he threw up his hands- fingers pointed, arms straight above his head and meeting in a swimmers starting position and in one fell swoop, he dove to the ground and started "swimming" across the carpet. The other students watched with bewildered expressions- glancing between the swimmer and myself to see what Mrs. E was going to do. I could barely keep myself together. The only thing I could say was, "Oh. My. Goodness."

These. moments. are. priceless.

I love my job.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

N's New Puppy

This is the dialogue that occurred between kindergartner N and the rest of the class during "Kindergarten News" this morning:

N: I got a new puppy.

Mrs. E: You did?! That's very exciting! What kind?

N: Uhh.....

Mrs. E: Is it a big or little puppy?

N: Big.

Mrs. E: New puppies are so cute and so much fun! I'm really excited for you. What did you name him?

N: Mr. Eigsti!

I laughed. I don't think he really has a new puppy. And I sure hope they aren't naming their dogs after my husband!

Also, yesterday someone asked me if I could clip his "Finger-tail".

They're so stinkin' cute!