Sunday, December 14, 2008

What if it's Him?

Something to think about:

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Life, as of late, and as you can probably imagine, has been wonderful.

We LOVE being married! It's so much fun having someone around all the time. We feel very blessed that we, as Jason Mraz puts it, "fell in love with my best friend".

We had some fantastic lattes a couple of weekends ago. Here's one of them- and props to our friend, Dallas, for creating exquisite latte art. I never did get that down.

We've also been doing a fair amount of coloring for my classroom. I feel like every free moment I have includes coloring pictures to cut out, glue on tag, cut out again, laminate, and cut out a third and final time. I presume that next year will have a lighter coloring/laminating load. For now, I have a wonderful husband who continues to color with me- and incredible in laws who sat for three hours with me over Thanksgiving break- coloring, cutting, snacking, cutting, laughing, cutting.......and coloring.

Last weekend we went out and bought our first Christmas tree. It was a really fun evening- we ordered in pizza and decorated. Here I am with my pizza and milk, and Nate with his.

Nate dominated the lights- a job that was always my dads growing up. Here, we continue the tradition of the "man job".

Next, I was "workin' it" with the ribbon.

And the final product:

I've been working on a tree skirt this weekend. I found two different fabrics, cut a 42inch diameter circle, quartered them, and stitched them back together. Then I cut the circle out of the middle and am now in the process of stitching the rope around the outside edge. Should be able to finish it up tonight. :)

We tried some ear candles to see if we could cure my daily plugged left ear. I don't think wax is the problem....we didn't get very much out.... it was an interesting experience, however.

And I'll leave you with this: Can you guess who decided to graffiti the bench in Kindergarten? :)