Thursday, December 16, 2010

28 weeks 4 days

I haven't updated for a long time. Here's a current photo from this past weekend:

Things are going well. We had an appointment today. Dr. said our little lady is measuring right on track. Today she's laying sideways with her head digging into my lower right side and her feet poking into my left ribcage. What a sweetie. :) I really don't mind....not yet anyway. Every movement is a reminder that we're blessed to have her and I'm thankful for that.

I've gained 19 pounds so far. They said about 30 by the end is what we're shooting for. They also said I'll be gaining 1/2 to 1 pound a week from here on out. That leaves 11 weeks until 40....or 8 weeks to full term. I can't believe it!

I feel like I've gotten MUCH bigger in the last week or two. I broke down and bought 3 pairs of maternity pants for work and my goodness....there's a reason they make them. They're SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE! Jeesh.

I am getting very tired again, my stomach is starting to ache all over and there are multiple times throughout the day that I just. need. to. sit. Lucky for me, I'm married to an amazing man who never complains about picking up my slack. He even surprised me a few weeks ago with not one, but TWO one-hour prenatal massage sessions for January and February. *sigh* What a guy. I can't wait to use them. I've already scheduled the first one. It. Will. Be. Divine.