Thursday, November 17, 2011

quick! quick!

I can't even tell you how many times I've started a blog post in the last two months and then got pulled away, leaving the post to sit in my drafts box FOR-EV-ER! Sad.

This morning I've found the magic of Cheerios and self feeding.

I've been really busy getting ready for my first show! There was an application process to be in a Holiday Boutique here in town and they chose ten vendors to set up tables. ten! I was so thrilled when she told me my things would fit in with the other vendors nicely. It's so hard to know how much to make of everything, and since I don't keep an inventory, I had lots to tackle. But I'm feeling pretty good about everything and am just polishing up the last few items.

Lucy is almost 9 months. Holy cow. I need to get more photos on here. Truth is, I rarely find myself on a real computer. I have a very smart phone now which allows me to check everything I need to away from the computer. So actually sitting down at a computer...doesn't happen.

OK, Cheerios are gone and both Lucy and Charlie are full. Can you guess why?

Happy Thursday!