Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall is almost here!!!

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I know, I know. I've already talked about this. You could probably find love letters to fall in every September/October of this blog since I've started it. I don't care. I'll say it again. I LOVE FALL!!!!!

There are certain friends that I think of daily during this season. I think it's because college was full of coffee shops and studying, open windows and sweatshirts, football games and rustling leaves across campus or apartment parking lots. We'd study late into the night with our apartment FREEZING from 40 degree temperatures- windows wide open and music filling the air. Warm beverages were never lacking and neither was the laughter.

I loved college and all the sweet memories.

And now, we're in a completely different season of life. I'm loving my role as a mom. Lucy couldn't be any sweeter. Our days are full of hugs, kisses and giggles. She's learning to play really well by herself and we've got NAPPING UNDER CONTROL!!!! (for the most part) :)

I didn't want to "cry it out". I did but I didn't. I wanted the time that comes with her naps. I've started a business from home and I NEED time to work. But I hated listening to her cry. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that most of her "crying" alone in her crib was more of a tired, complaining cry than an "I'm hurt/scared/uncomfortable" cry.

Most days it works really well. And our nights have been so. much. better. (!!!!) She sleeps from 9-5am, eats once and goes back to sleep until about 8am. That is an incredible change from our nights the past few months. Naps are coming along. I'm finding that it's really important for me to stay on schedule with her. She sleeps so much better when it's at the same time every day.

The most important thing I learned from all of you and your encouraging comments was that THIS IS NORMAL for a baby. Until now, I compared our little girl's sleeping habits to her only cousin, who has been sleeping through the night since week one. She also takes up to 3 naps a day- usually really good naps. So, I thought we were just incredibly messed up. Come to find out, little C is a super sleeper and not the norm. Phew!

Here are a few photos. Lady love is waking up- off to run some errands!

This girl LOVES her dog!

And her mama. :) (disregard my ridiculous facial expression)
Sitting up big for her 6-month calendar shot!

Senior picture, anyone?

Laughing at mom's song.