Thursday, August 21, 2008

Really, I am.

I'm surviving. Really.

Yesterday was the first day of Kindergarten. Today was the second. I didn't realize that they wouldn't know how to stand (or walk) in a line together. I did a lot of mental adjusting yesterday. Today was better.

I promised that I'd share student stories as they came. Here's one of my first:

After recess, we came inside and I had all 25 kiddos huddled around me in my rocking chair on the carpet. Little Enas- a short, compact person from Iraq who speaks very little English, and whose first and last names I'd love to tell you because that's what I shout when he pretends he doesn't understand -or hear- my instructions....he came up to me in the middle of a "Little Quack" book with a panged look in his eyes, "teacher?"
"Yes, Enas?"
"My feet...."
"Your feet?"
" feet"
"What's wrong with your feet?"
"They're broken"
"Your feet are broken?"
"Yes. My feet are broken."

It occurred to me that we had been out for recess in the gravel and many of the other students had been emptying their shoes out in the trash. Poor little Enas' feet hurt from the rocks in his shoes, and the best way he knew how to tell me was to say that his feet were broken. It was so sweet.

I also had a little boy come up and wrap his arms around my knees after open house on monday and say, "I'm so glad you're my teacher, Miss Ice Cream." I guess it's close enough to Eigsti... :)

They may not know how to line up, and they may be really naughty right now as they learn to follow school rules....but I think I'm falling in love with 25 small people..... :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's you that I hold onto.

That post was started yesterday afternoon- interrupted by a very pleasant surprise. I was at Scoot's, looking out our front windows and saw my parents pull up in their car! They live 2 hours away, so I never expect to see them roll into the coffee shop unannounced. Maddie was with them. :) Maddie is their 7 (maybe 8) year old Golden Retriever, who has become as much a part of the family as my brother or myself.

So, they stayed at Scooters for quite a while- enjoying the outdoor patio and some black tea. I popped in and out when I could- between customers. I worked a few more hours and then met Nate at my house to make dinner for my mom. Dad, Maddie, my brother James, and a couple of buddies were headed out for a night of camping at Branched Oak. Mom was staying with me. Surprise!!! :) I was so excited.

Nate made a fantastic dinner of Butterfly chops, steamed green beans, fetta, basil and fennel (I know, sounds strange- but it was great), and mushroom and pine nut cous-cous, one of our favorite foods. We ate out on the deck, the weather was beautiful, and the company was fantastic.

After dinner we went to my new classroom- I couldn't wait to show mom my new space. They helped me for hours and hours- arranging and rearranging. We didn't get home until midnight and I think I was the most exhausted of us all. I was so thankful for their help. :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Like a mother's morning dress...

There are so many things happening. Period.

I've spent 2 weeks in teacher meetings and working in my classroom- dropping into the coffee shop every few days to work a shift here and there. This is my last weekend at Scooties- and I'm feeling very ready to move out of this season of life. Working here has been a huge blessing. I've met countless friends through Scoots, some of which have become very dear to my heart. I have grown, I have been challenged, and hopefully I have been used in the lives of those around me- I'm sure in ways I'll never know.

This has been a place to (sometimes) relax, catch up, invest in others, serve, learn how to love better, and to be loved by my coworkers and friends who stop in to visit. I will miss many aspects of my job here, but look forward wholly to evenings and weekends at home. I cannot yet wrap my mind around time with Nate- uninterrupted by a work schedule and having to leave in the evenings to serve coffee.