Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fat Quarters Giveaway

Here's a sweet little blog I follow. She's doing a fat quarter giveaway. Every Thursday she does a giveaway. How fun is that?!



Lucy’s been enjoying summer- as you can see here:IMG_7627

We’ve had about a week of fusser-than-normal moments, restless nights, crying for no apparent reason….and I kept feeling her gums wondering if she was teething. After all, I’ve never had a teething baby before, I only know so many things to look for before I write it off. Well, yesterday she was chewing on my knuckle, one of her favorite things to do, when I felt a sharp little poke. And sure enough- THESE were popping through!IMG_7683IMG_7680

One of them is farther than the other, but they’re both definitely through!! I swear I check every day to see if there’s anything there. And yesterday, all of a sudden! People told me she’d grow up fast, but this is ridiculous!


Other fun things:

playing with the mirror before bath time every night.


Chewing on fingers.


Playing with mom and Charlie.


Kicking Charlie’s face. (He’s a VERY good sport).


Cooking with Grandma Tutu


Visits to Norfolk to see Great Grandma and Great Grandpa



My mom came to visit and stayed for a few days. We made some gifts for friends’ birthdays. They’re my newest homemade gift idea- coasters! They’re very cute and practical!


Here’s the design we have at our house.


These were for a friend (clearly). The pattern was foreign currency. He loves games like “Settlers of Catan” and “Ticket to Ride”. It was perfect for him.


I also whipped up this banner for a baby shower we had here for my good friend, Maggi. I used mostly vintage fabrics from Nate’s Grandma and mom. I loved the colors and I love that they have a history! Now they’ll help us celebrate birthdays and other fun events in our home.


Here’s the girls, minus Shari. We had a great time! And little E is going to be SO CUTE!!! We just can’t wait to meet her!


Also my brother James, who is a stellar graphic design artist, created some “bag tags” for my business. They’re so cute- I LOVE the logo he’s designed for us. Check out his other work- he’s good. Very good. And he’s nice too, so you can’t beat that!


If you’re in the market for a new logo or other graphic work, look him up. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.


Well….that’s about it. We’re staying inside where it’s nice and cool. Temps have been crazy high here. It’s too hot to even run outside at night. I’m bummed about that. I was really getting into a good groove. I might have to look into a gym membership for a few months if it stays this hot. I have a race coming up in the next month and I need to be ready! It’ll be my very first 5k and I’m really excited. And to be honest, I’m proud of myself. I’ve never stuck with it for this long before. Hooray for new hobbies!!!


Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


These should have gone in the last post. Alas.

A quick visit to see Martha & kids. Syd loved baby Lucy. :)Dead bug. Ha. Baby Finlee and beautiful mom, Molly. Looking pretty great after giving birth! And Finlee's hair is AMAZING!!!Family reunion. Grandma and "Mike's". She's just adorable. This is the only photo I have of Lucy on her first 4th of July. She was cooling off after our hot walk home from Mike's. What a cutie. :)

Big sigh

Holy moly. What a weekend we've had....and it's already Wednesday now. Sheish! We've been uber busy...(story of our lives) with company, "traveling", and different places to be around town.

My cousin, his wife, and their 14-month old, Logan, stayed with us off and on since Thursday night. It was so fun to see them and it was the first time we've met their little guy since they live in Texas. They had two weddings here and family and friends to visit, so we mostly saw them in the mornings or evenings when we were balancing baths and bedtimes for both Logan and Lucy. Life with two under two was interesting, but fun. They left Sunday afternoon and we jetted over to Mike's for his annual 4th celebration, which ended VERY early for us since we had to get little Lucy to bed. It wasn't even dark when we found ourselves walking back home. We laughed at the life we now live and how different it is from what we previously knew as a couple without children. Different...but still wonderful. We ended up grabbing the monitor and sitting outside with some of the neighbors to watch the sky light up on the 4th. Very nice.

Friday night(back up) we saw another Logan, my good buddy from college. He was in town with his lady friend from North Carolina. It was SO. GOOD. to see him. And really nice to meet her...what a sweetie. Again, turned in early. :)

Saturday was catch up, house projects, grocery store, etc. day. You know how those are. We also were able to stop and see Lucy's new BFF, Finlee Ebbers, at the hospital. She was born Friday and we just couldn't wait to give her a squeeze. She's beautiful and Chris & Molly are elated. What a blessing to share the joyous moments with them. We love them.

We also realized that Saturday night church services may be a no-go for us from now on. Lucy gets way too cranky by the end as it pushes into her bath/bedtime. Noted.

Sunday we were on the road to Omaha for one day of a 3-day family reunion. We were sad to miss out on so much of the festivities, but the weekend was just too busy. We were also supposed to be up in Norfolk Saturday for their annual 4th of July fireworks celebration. My parents always open up their home to friends and family and we watch the fireworks at the lake from the front yard.

Monday was full of yard work, house work and recovering from having company- laundry, cooking, etc.

I'm not even sure why I'm giving you a detailed report on our weekend. I could have just written "we were busy"....but maybe it wouldn't have had the same effect. If you're still reading, you are loyal.

Today I'm trying to figure out if Lucy is cutting teeth, sick, or just really crabby. Or maybe her acid reflux creeping in again? We tried switching her meds to a lighter version....but I don't think that was a good idea. Target better have her Rx ready today or else...... :)

Sorry this is so painfully boring. I'm considering deleting this post...but this is real life, so I won't.

Happy Wednesday, friends.