Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nursery Photos

A lot of people have been asking how we're decorating the nursery. We don't have a "theme", persay....we're just going with what we like. Here are a few photos:

We purposely blurred the name on the wall and inserted said "Baby E" text. Ha! We're so sneaky...
Nate refinished his childhood dresser. It turned out beautifully! And there are some sweet memories tied to it. Now, it's a dresser/changing table for his daughter. Love.

Here's what we've been up to.....

Nate and I have been busy preparing for our little girl's arrival- date set two weeks from TODAY! We've had weekly appointments the last few weeks and on Thursday they implied that we may be meeting her sooner than expected. (YES!)

So, this weekend has been filled with the finishing touches on her room, final clothes being washed for our hospital bags and wrapping up last minute details. Such a joyful season in life!!

Most of you know I love anything domestic- cooking, baking, chrocheting, sewing, etc. I've been busy making burp rags for our gal and started experimenting with other items as well. Here's what I've come up with:


Tag blanket: These are made from 12 inch squares- one is a soft flannel and the other is minky, an incredibly soft fabric. I’ve sewn tags around the outside for different tactile textures. 

Burp rags- very absorbent and cute enough for your standard stlyin’ mom! 

Some rags match pacifier clips!

Pacifier clips are approximately 7 inches long. These are made with a cord that attaches to the pacifier  instead of standard Velcro to fit almost any type of pacifier. If you’re interested in Velcro, contact me.  Colors will vary on burp rags. Here are a few examples:

Gift sets!

I am willing to sell to friends and family if you’re needing some cute, homemade gift ideas for yourself, baby showers or other events. Contact me at if you’re interested in pricing!


Happy rainy Sunday, friends!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

35 weeks visit

Nate and I just had a 35 weeks visit to the doctor this morning. Our little lady is head down (good girl!) and measuring in at about 5 1/2 pounds. Her heart rate was good and everything seems to be right on track. :) Mom and Dad are VERY happy about this!

I'm on snow day #2 for this week and my plans today include some or all of the following (in no particular order and perhaps simultaneously):

* sewing more burp rags and finishing those turtle and bird onesies
* cleaning up my sewing room (what a mess!)
* correcting papers and grading tests
* finishing up sub plans for maternity leave (!)
* playing ball with Charlie
* laying around a bit
* watching food network
* drinking some more coffee (decaf, of course)
* painting my nails
* sitting in the nursery for a while- just dreaming
* reading chapters 1 and 2 of Proverbs for this month (a chapter a day and I'm already behind)
* journaling
* listening to some really fantastic music

Happy snow day, friends!