Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 1

"I live to love and I love to live beside you." -Jamie Cullum

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Here is a new little nook. The rocking chair is from Rissa- we love it and I know you've seen it before in other photos. I'm posting this photo to show my mom the sticks above the window and the "God Bless Our Home" plaque, which is from some of her great friends, Shannon and Kristin. We've been trying to find a place for it for a long time and are glad to finally have found its home.
Shannon just had a baby- brand new this month- you should check out my mom's blog for a photo of little Hallie Ilene. :)
By the way, I have the best husband in the world!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Four Months

Four months. Can you believe that? It has been four months since Heather and I have been married. Yes, you read that correctly...Heather and I. Heather is not blogging tonight, nor does she know I am secretly blogging on her webpage. She is quietly working on grades for her little kiddos out in the living room.

Why am I blogging? Well, I felt the need to let everyone know how incredibly blessed I am. Each day I realize more and more the complexity and beauty that is wrapped around her. I love Heather’s character. Almost daily I am shown the depth of her character and values. She makes me a stronger man. I love her family. Holidays just keep getting better and better. Understanding their humor and jokes…baking with them. The wisdom and love of her Grandfather, the laughter of one Grandmother and the sweet smile of the other. A strong heritage of blessings. I love the quiet moments with her in my arms. Something about her resting in my arms lets me know she trusts me and she feels safe. It brings out my desire to protect her. Tears. I love her tears. I am learning that Heather is emotional…and I love it. She cares so deeply. She loves so strongly. And that love often leads to tears. Her beauty. Heather has natural beauty. In the grocery store you see horrific photos plastered on gossip magazines of celebrities without make-up. Every morning I wake up to Heather without make-up and I find myself just as attracted. She’s beautiful. No make-up required: natural beauty. Comfort. There’s something about the comfort of just knowing someone and being known. One of the greatest blessings of the last four months has been the deepening of our friendship. The one with whom I can share life’s pains, struggles, joys, and dreams. Laughing at each other and being the silly people that we really are. What a freedom to have that friend with whom you can just be yourself. That’s Heather for me. Heather is one amazing woman…more than I even realized four months ago standing up and exchanging vows.

I could go on and on, but I probably should wrap up before I get caught. Four months has flown past and I wouldn’t go back – I wouldn’t change anything. I have loved every minute of the past four months and get anxious for every minute in the future.


Sunday, January 11, 2009


A few of our faraway friends have wondered about the place we call "home". We've been extremely blessed and feel fortunate to live where we do. Our home is a collection of gifts from people we love. Here's the fun part: During the tour, your job is to find something that you've contributed to our home. Click to enlarge the photos and let us know if you find something! (If your gift to us was a Target gift card, you can consider many of our home furnishings a gift from you! Monetary gifts were used to purchase living room and bedroom furniture)

From the front door: living room

This is the rocking chair Rissa gave us- made for the Eigsti's by the Amish men. It's beautiful!

Our little kitchen. It's a tight squeeze, but we don't mind being close. :)
Dining room.

This is our bedroom. We realize we'll never have a room this big again! We'll love it while we have it!

And the most important place: YOUR ROOM!!! When you come stay with us, this will be your place. When we were looking for an apartment, it was important to us to have a place for guests, so PLEASE come and stay with us. Your room is waiting!

Thomas visit


Carissa & the Evenator


B & B's

Nate & Garrett


Today is Sunday. On weeks that we are able to attend Saturday night church, Sunday mornings mean unending mugs of coffee, the Sunday newspaper and all the new shopping ads, a giant fluffy robe and cozy slippers, an entire day of relaxing home-time ahead of me, and best of all- my husband along for the ride. I LOVE Sundays.

Here are a few photos to recap our last couple of weeks. We ran into a great friend, Brook, at the Ebbers wedding. Here, you can see that both Brook and I have impeccable taste in clothing.

The lovely Molly and her new man, Chris- what a fun wedding!

And you've met the nose of our new pet, Helen. Well, here's another shot. Here she is in her new home. She's just the cutest little thing.

I like this photo because you can see how hygenically aware she is. She bathes daily like the rest of the family, and takes after her adopted father, Nate, and washes behind her ears. I, on the other hand, often forget this tedious task.

This is what I did all afternoon when we brought her home. I've never had a pet hamster before. I'd rather have a dog- but small apartments aren't accomidating to my wishes for cainines, so for now, Helen it is. And so, I will coo over her as I would a new puppy.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's a girl!

Ha! I bet I got you good! This is our new class pet, Helen the Hamster.