Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A hat for Baby D

This is a hat I made for my friend April's little girl last week. But now, I'm thinking that I'm going to have to make another one for our little lady! I might have to start experimenting with different colors and flowers!

The results are in! It's a......

Little girl!!!


This is a shot of her bum and legs. I think her shins and feet are tucked or going straight at the camera. She DOES have 2 entire legs. Smile

These are her legs (on the left)- thigh, shins and feet, and her elbow is resting on her knee.

This is her body- sans the head. Her back is at the top, you can see ribs, legs on the left, shoulder and arm on the right.
This is a profile of her face. She’s looking up…..see it?
And in this one, she’s looking at the camera, one hand under her head and one up on top- looks like she’s poking herself in the eye.

What a sweetie!  We’re so so SO excited….thanks for all the prayers! We’re feeling extremely blessed with a healthy little girl on the way!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 26 gender reveal!!!

Today.....TODAY we find out if Baby E is a he or a she. I can't wait!!! I've put myself out at work today getting my classroom ready for post-fall break, new calendar, report cards are done, new seating arrangement....

I'm trying everything to keep my mind off of the VERY exciting appointment we have today.

And to be honest, I'm a little scared. I'm trying really hard to "not be afraid"...but it's so easy to relive unpleasant appointments from the past and fear that we're going to be faced with more bad news today.

However, I'm trying to be simply joyful for this day. Excited for the news, hopeful for a clear picture, and so so eager to see the profile of our little miracle.

If you read this before or around 1pm, please pray for our appointment- that things will go well, that we will be ready to receive the news they have for us (hopefully good news) and that we would be able to enjoy our visit and the glimpse of our sweet little babe. I'll be back tonight or tomorrow with exciting news for you!!!

Enjoy this beautiful fall day!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Standing on the edge of something good

Life's been pretty great lately. We went back to my hometown to see my folks last weekend and spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa, Nancy & Bill, and watched a sad, sad game against Texas. (watching the Huskers lose wasn't so great) We were at the farm the weekend before helping mom and dad E. with harvest, as you've seen....and we get to see if Baby E is a he or a she on Tuesday....I'm halfway through the pregnancy, feeling really good and just all in all happy.

Just thought you should know. :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I am absolutely crazy in love with this dog. Seriously.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Belly Pics

I suppose I should put a few belly photos up as well. :) I'll be 20 weeks on Sunday- half way there!!!

This was taken yesterday at 19 weeks, 2 days.

And this was a couple of weeks ago for a Saturday Husker game.

This is April and I at her shower on Sunday.

Nursery set-up begins!

We've been waiting to set up the crib because we needed to finish a few other projects before we could start....and Nate, the champ that he is, finished a bunch of things while I was throwing a baby shower for April this Monday night we were able to start assembly!!!

Here are a few shots from the night. Charlie was a BIG you can see from the expression on my face. He just HAD to be in the middle of everything, as usual. :)

The animal artwork was a project that we started for Oliver, but we loved them, so we're using them for this baby instead. There are 7 all together- 12 x 12 inch frames and the animals are made from scrapbooking paper. They turned out really cute.

I sat down tonight to post and was overwhelmed at the amount of photos, stories, and events of which I should write and share. The task seems too daunting for tonight, so I'll just share a little at a time.

Last weekend we went to the farm and took Ann with us for her first combine ride. It was a beautiful day and she did a great job. :) And it's always pretty cute to watch Nate drive around tractors and combines like a real farm-boy. :)

And Charlie didn’t mind having a backseat buddy for the ride there. :)