Friday, November 14, 2008

Just Stay Close

My Kindergarten kiddos are.....precious. And crazy. And really wound up today.

Earlier this week someone told me,
"Mrs. Eigsti, I went to the zoo yesterday"
"Really? What animals did you see?"
"The crackadillos"
"No kidding? Wow! What did it look like!?"

no response.

At recess yesterday another one was twirling a long black something in his hands, wrapping it around his wrists and telling me a story. I stopped him and said, "What are you playing with?"
"A rope."

I took it from his hands and saw that it was one of our Sudanese girls' braided hair extensions! I started laughing so hard- then I pocketed it (I couldn't let a child continue playing with someone's braided hair that he found on the playground!) and I preceded to hide it on Susan's keyboard for her to find later in the day. :) What a surprise!

Life is good. My mom and her Bible study girls are coming tonight to go to a Mercy Me and Bebo Norman concert with Nate, Ann and I. I'm really excited to see everyone. The music will be great too....

AND, I joined the church choir and have found my heart to be flittering every time I think of the music. Singing with people of all ages and walks of life- hearing all the harmonies together- it does something for my heart that I've not found anywhere else. It's like I can literally feel it swelling with joy.....something strange and difficult to explain. All I know is that I love singing and I'm super excited to be part of the choir. :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Falling into the season

We're making Ciabatta bread today. It started last night with the "starter" and has turned into quite the process. I did, however, get to use my new dough scraper- a gift from one of my bridal showers- a new tool that I had had mistakenly taken for granted. I used it this afternoon and fell in love! If any of you are avid bakers, I suggest investing in one- they're relatively cheap- under $10 at Kohl's, or TJ Max......and they're phenomenal for scraping semi-sticky dough off of floured surfaces. :)

Our honeymoon was a complete success. I'll post more photos later when I'm on Nate's computer- he's got all the photos. Or, perhaps I'll just direct you to the link on Nate's webpage so you can see lots of them for yourself. One of my favorite parts BY FAR was the monkey- I'm now trying to convince Nate that we need one for a pet.....