Saturday, June 25, 2011

Crystal Davy

Blogger friends, some of you have not heard that our dear friend, Crystal Davy, has released an EP on iTunes! Here's the link. It's beautiful. You won't be disappointed, I promise. Support her, she's wonderful. And her sweet sister, Melissa, provides a delightful addition to Crystal's vocals. Love, love, LOVE them.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Oatmeal shmoatmeal

I love the ease and "quickness" of microwave oatmeal....especially when I have a still-sleeping 4-months-old-today little girl and a tiny bit of time to enjoy my coffee and oatmeal. What I don't appreciate is that even though it's super speedy to make, it's so dag gum hot that I can't eat it for fifteen minutes after it comes out of the microwave. Rats.

In other news, Lucy and I were in Norfolk for 4 days last week visiting my parents. I have lots of great photos, but none of them are on this computer. Go figure. :) After Norfolk, we went to visit the other grandparents for Father's Day and then made a trip to Omaha the following day to visit Amber. We had lunch with her and Marisa and an all around fun girls day. By the time we got home we were ready to relax at home. I love traveling but man, it's nice to be back on your own turf.

In other news, I've been getting lots of new orders- thank you to all of you supportive friends who are placing orders or telling your friends about Oliver and Lucy Designs! I didn't realize how much I enjoy sewing. It's been fun to have more time and now that Lucy is a more reliable night time sleeper and daytime napper, I'm getting lots more done.

I guess I never mentioned that my burp rags are now in a sweet little shop here in Lincoln! The Basket Bunch is carrying Oliver and Lucy products- woo hoo!! They've been selling really well, so I received a second order and I think that's what got me excited. They're selling enough of them to reorder! How fun. :)

Nap time is over. We're celebrating 4 months with this girl today! We love you so much, Lucy!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tutorial Time!!!!

I'm so excited to share this tutorial with you! I started doing pillows when I stumbled across this shower curtain that we destroyed by putting it through our washing machine (it was a dry-clean only)...whoops! It's been sitting in my sewing closet for over a year waiting to be used for something. So, I started cutting, and voila! New shams for our Euro pillows!! This is the back- you'll see them in action (sitting on a bed) in later photos. Nate and I recently switched my sewing room with the guest room downstairs. These are the only photos I have of them before we made the switch because, of course, I never think to do the photo before I attack the situation.

For those of you have been here since I started Oliver & Lucy Designs, you know that this looks nothing like what this room recently was- what with the sewing extravaganza and all. But, like I said….it’s the only one I have. And here’s a before photo of half of the guest room in the basement- it’s HUGE compared to our other bedrooms.

This was a wonderful room for out of town guests, but I was quickly running out of space upstairs and we couldn’t justify using that giant room for guests who visit maybe once a month. The rest of the time, it sat empty and lonely…..and just waiting to be filled with my creative juices!

Thus, the inspiration for a guest room makeover….which quickly led me to new pillows.

SO, the tutorial:

We were going for a calm, clean feel for our new room. The walls were painted (by my hard-working husband) a serene blue and we used the existing white curtains. So I wanted a color that would POP against the calm blues, beige and whites. Yellow. Yes.

I found some material and got to work. For this pillow, I wanted to make a pocket back so I could take it off and wash it if need be. First, cut out your pieces. I measured my ugly maroon pillow from one seam to the other and added one inch to that size. So, 18 inch pillow, cut a 19 inch square for one side.

For the other side, cut two pieces that are 19 inches tall and 12 or so inches wide. I wanted them to overlap a few inches- I really don’t know how wide they were. Just make an educated guess, people. Really.

Ok, then You set aside the 19 inch square piece. Iron down the long side of both pieces about a quarter to half an inch like this:

Do it to one long side of each piece.

Run them through your machine to hem the sides- just a simple straight stitch is fine. You could do zig-zag if you like the look of it. See that snazzy little guide on my machine?! It’s AWESOME- helps keep your lines straight. Get one if you love straight lines or if you’re kind of a creative free spirit like myself who doesn’t necessarily naturally sew anything in a straight line. Then, pin them on top of the 19 inch square piece- RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER!!! You don’t have to pin down the middle- just around all four sides. Stitch around the whole thing.

Cut your corners close to the seam- but not TOO close. This helps give you a nice clean corner when you turn your pillow cover inside out.

Next, turn it inside out and stuff your ugly pillow or the pillow form in. You are DONE!!!!

UNLESS you wanted to put something extra on it like I did. I had some felt that I had also ruined with the washing machine. Darn thing….it’s actually an awesome machine, I just don’t remember to be careful about special fabrics.

My felt completely shrunk down when I washed it, so I decided to use it to make a flower on my pillow. I cut four circles. I just free-styled it because I like the look. And also because I’m not patient enough to find four different things to trace and cut. IMG_0022Next I stacked them and secured them together with a button in the middle. I didn’t take a photo of this part because naptime was over and I needed to work quickly while Lucy played on the floor. Time was precious and limited.

Here’s a photo of the finished product. You can see the Euro pillows in the back with the shower curtain shams. Charlie is just waiting for you to come visit!


And here’s the new guest room. We’re still working on wall d├ęcor and a headboard that is going to be SWEET! We might even rearrange but for now, this is what we’ve got.


A good seamstress would have ironed her new pillow cover before taking photos, but that’s not my style. Take it or leave it.

Happy sewing!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, my Love!

Today, I am celebrating THIS man!
* is an incredible dad
* has taught me what it means to be intentional
* loves by serving
* keeps a tidy house!
* loves coffee
* is a wonderful leader in our home
* encourages me to do the things he knows I love
* believes in me and my ability to accomplish difficult things
* is the perfect balance to my dreaming self- he helps with reality checks and gets excited with me about new projects and hobbies
* has gone to Jazz in June nearly every Tuesday in June since I met him
* has walked beside me through some really hard seasons and never left my side
* understands the importance of a relationship with Christ and strives to grow spiritually
* is very smart with a computer (filling another void in my personality)
* is smokin' hot (!)
* is working on perfecting sourdough bread
* cares deeply for his friends
* is a family man
* took me to Blue Orchid for our first date 5 years ago in May and then for a walk through Sunken Gardens
* still loves the worm cake I made for him the first year we celebrated his birthday together. I was completely embarrassed by it- frosted it before it cooled and it turned into a melting worm. (also, we've both gotten cuter as we aged, if you ask me)....
* enjoys working with power tools and wood (just like my dad!)
* Appreciates good quality socks
* Helped bring this little love into my life:
* is a wonderful friend
* is creative and artistic
* makes a mean stir fry!
Nate, I love you more than I can blog or tell you with footprint cards or presents. You are faithful, you are encouraging, and I look up to you with the utmost respect. I'm looking forward to adventures and new seasons to come. Happy 31st, my love!